Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

Gastreview, Trailer "Extraction" von Dragonrage

OK, lets be clear about one thing here right away - EXTRACTION is not something you would call a good film. Its disposable, easily forgettable and not really important by the numbers DTV flick with messy plot, Bruce Willis doing another minor role where he is phoning the entire time, Gina Carano not getting the respect she deserves because she is underused, and Kellan Lutz doing all the heavy lifting since he's the main hero here. Easiest way to describe it, is to say that this is "poor man's Bourne movie", or something like that.
Its a type of movie that can easily be rated with one or two stars (or even three, tops), it really make no difference. And I've seen a lots of one star ratings here and people being upset and pissed about another disappointing and shitty paycheck performance from Bruce Willis, and I can totally understand that! Yet, IMO, EXTRACTION is not really the worst movie ever made as most people here wants you to believe. As I said, its not a good movie, and it lacks more humor...but its not the worse ever either, and I've seen a lots of movies in my life that are way more worse then this one. For example, go check any Steven Seagal DTV movie made in the last 15 years, and you'll see whats really a crappy and shitty one star DTV flick.

But anyway, as I said, the story of EXTRACTION is messy, but it works, and surprisingly, even has a twist or two near the ending. Production values are better then in most of these type of DTV flicks, and director Steven C. Miller gave all he's got here, adding some style to this movie. Photography is nice, there is couple of well choreographed and directed fight scene, and couple of cool areal shots. Lutz was OK as the lead, nothing special, but OK. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, Gina Carano was kind of underused here. Shes not the best actress out there, and you can clearly see that in this movie, so its a shame that she didn't have more action stuff instead. Plus, for someone who plays allegedly the best agent out there, she was more like damsel in distress then bad ass agent. But hey, at least she packed couple of punches, unlike in KICKBOXER: VENGEANCE where she just smiled and that's it. As for Bruce Willis...well, I said everything I had to say about him earlier, so lets not talk about him anymore...
In the end I will just add this. For what it was, EXTRACTION was OK, and I probably liked it more then most other people did or will. But then again, I did watch way more DTV movies in my life then most of other people so my understanding of whats really bad, and what just average (DTV) movie is different then with others. Still, Im not planing to rewatch this ever again, and I wouldn't recommend it.

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