Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

Review, Trailer "Sleepless night aka Nuit blanche" by Dragonrage

It was Sunday, and I had a day of from everything (basically, my wife gave me a day of from the kids lol), so I decided to hang out with my friends. And so we did, having a good time. Later on, another friend of mine and I decided to have a movie marathon. So I grabbed like 10 DVD's from home and got to his place. We planed to watch at least three movies, but we remembered that we have a movie pub quiz that night, so we had to hurry up to get there in time, so unfortunately, we end up watching only one movie - SLEEPLESS NIGHT.
Now, I've actually watched SLEEPLESS NIGHT before, and liked it a lot, but my friend watched it for the first time. I was hoping that he will like it too, and thankfully, he did (you can check HIS REVIEW here).
When I first watched SLEEPLESS NIGHT two years ago, it really caught me off guard! I didn't knew what to expect, but what I've got was fantastic movie! Of course, the element od surprise was gone this time, so I knew what to expect and what will happen next, and therefore the movie didn't kept me on the edge of my seat this time. But never the less, it was still intense and exciting, and fun to watch from the start until the very end, same as the first time.
Another thing that I liked about SLEEPLESS NIGHT, now and the first time, is that the hero played by Tomer Sisley, this corrupt cop who desperately wants to save his son, isn't your typical bad ass hero who will kick anybody's ass! He is flawed, and vulnerable, and desperate, and he has to go extra mile to get things done, and to save his son.

Anyway, as some of you may know, Hollywood all ready did a remake of this movie, action thriller SLEEPLESS with Jamie Foxx. I still didn't watched it because SLEEPLESS still wasn't released here in my country(!), but I doubt it's as good as this movie. So...just in case if you didn't see this original yet, once again, I highly recommend it!

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