Sonntag, 24. Dezember 2017

(Gast-)Review, Trailer "Atomic Blonde" by Dragonrage

Unser geschätzter Kollege hat seine Meinung kundgetan:

OK, let's not beat about the bush this time and let's make this short and sweet as possible, and lets talk about ATOMIC BLONDE right away!
So...this was announced as the female version of JOHN WICK, because it was made by the same crew and it had the same style of action. And indeed, all the trailers and TV spots suggested that this will be female version of JOHN WICK! But, it wasn't! But hey...its not like that was something bad, because, it isn't.
The thing is, ATOMIC BLONDE is more of a stylish spy thriller with occasional flashy action/fight sequences then pure action movie like JOHN WICK. But yeah, the style, choreography and brutality of action scenes is the same as in JOHN WICK. But the problem with ATOMIC BLOND is that the movie is a bit to long and a bit to complicated for its own good without much content. And because of that, story feels a bit messy and all over the place, and unnecessary stretched to 115 minutes! This should have been 90 minutes long movie tops!

But hey, I still had a lots of fun with ATOMIC BLONDE (this sounded kind of kinky haha)! I really loved the (80's) style and the look of this movie. Cool photography, neon, colors, soundtrack...oh man, that soundtrack...brutal and awesome fight scenes (that 10 minute "one take" sequence is unbelievable!), and ultimately, Charlize Theron! Man, she was really on fire in this movie. Beautiful and electric as hell! And I also loved James McAvoy's performance and I hoped that he will steel the movie, although, he didn't do that in the end because they decided to fuck up his character. Also...Daniel fucking Bernhardt, that almost unstoppable henchman...what a bad ass! He should be a big DTV star because the guy (still) has the skills.
Anyway, storywise, this movie has some serious feels stretched and to complicated and there really isn't that much content for something like that. And because of that, this is more of a 3,5 star movie...maybe even 3 star movie then 4 star movie. But hey, ATOMIC BLONDE is all about style over substance, and I really enjoyed that style...a lot! So yeah, I will be forgiving this time and I will forget all the problems, and I'll go with 4 stars. But will see how will I feel about ATOMIC BLONDE when and if I watch it again...

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Andre Gerstenberger hat gesagt…

Die Frau ist ein echt heißer Feger und gepaart mit sau geiler Action. Klar wenn ein Regisseur am Werk war, der schon für John Wick seine Künste unter Beweis gestellt hat, darf man auch bei "Atomic Blonde" keine Studie über das wahre Leben erwarten.

Es ist ein saugeiler Trip, vor allem die schöne Charlize Theron ließ sich kein einziges mal doubeln. Eine WAHNSINNS FRAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Da haben wir wohl einen Charlize-Fan? Sie ist ja derzeit auch gut beschäftigt.