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(Gast-)Review, Trailer "Resident Evil: The final chapter" von Dragonrage

Dragonrage - unser Mann für alle Gelegenheiten war nicht so begeistert von dem Werk.

I played couple of Resident Evil games in my life (with Resident Evil 5 being the last one), and I liked those games. They were dark, atmospheric and lots of fun to play. As for the movies, I only saw first three and that's it! I never really liked the first RESIDENT EVIL movie because it almost had nothing to do with the game(s). Yeah, the story was the same, or at least similar, but visually, movie lacked that dark and scary atmosphere from the game(s). Plus it was a cheap movie with crappy looking zombies and crappy CGI monsters (and zombie dogs). Second one, RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE was dumb as fuck, but it was closer to the games(s). It was (visually) darker, grittier and dirtier, and kind of fun. The third one, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION, was something completely different compared to the first two movies, and very similar to Resident Evil 5 video game, and of course, MAD MAX movies. I really liked the post-apocalyptic sandy setting, plus action was very cool and fun, thanks to
Russell Mulcahy's directing. Although it was far from perfect, I would (even) say that EXTINCTION was, and still is, my favorite Resident Evil movie.

Now, despite liking RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION quite a bit, I never even bothered to watched part 4, RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, or part 5, RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION. I honestly don't know why, and funny thing is, I have both of those movies on blu ray somewhere in my house, but so far I really had no desire to watch any of those two. Therefor, I wasn't really planing to watch RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER either! But you see, I won a pair of free tickets for this movie, and since I wasn't loosing any money on this even if it turned out to be crappy, I decided to take my chances. And I still didn't watched parts 4 and 5 to prepare for part 6. And honestly, there was no need for that since I've got all the information I needed in the first couple of minutes of part 6 that connects all previous 5 movies together, and shortly explains how Alice got to the point where we find here at the beginning of THE LAST CHAPTER.
But you know what!? All that doesn't really matter much since THE LAST CHAPTER end up being so freaking dumb and crappy! This movie was action packed (although action was poorly directed and edited), and it was so over the top, and it tried to be fun and entertaining...and it looked OK visually...but it was loaded with stupid moments! Stuff that makes no goddamn sense what so ever even if you turn your brain off! I mean, this was just so fucking stupid...almost like that XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE shit! But the difference is, RETURN OF XANDER CAGE was at least (intentionally or unintentionally) fun(ny), and slightly entertaining...and way better directed...while this...this was way to serious for its own good, and therefore, so dull and lifeless...and lest not forget, so stupid!! Did I all ready said that!?
I honestly don't know what the hell happened with Paul W.S. Anderson!? He used to know how to direct (solid if not good) action! And now his action scenes are so frenetic that they could cause a seizure because every shot lasts for just a couple of milliseconds!! I know that many people don't like him, and that many will say that he was never a good director in a first place, but I used to like his movies, stuff like SOLDIER, DEATH RACE, MORTAL KOMBAT or EVEN HORIZON...hell, even AVP was OK, although I hated most of the /human) characters in that movie. I honestly hope that this is the last Resident Evil movie for him...we don't need more of this shit anymore.

Anyway...the only reason why I didn't gave this movie just one star is that I liked the look of the movie, that there was couple of OK moments here, that Milla Jovovich (still) looks great, and that I kind of liked how they ended Alice's adventures. Like I said earlier, I seriously hope that this is the last one...but considering that open ending which left us with all kinds of possibilities, and the fact that this made some serious money worldwide ($307 millions to be exact, on a $40 millions budget), its more then possible that Paul W.S. Anderson will wanna do another one. Well...unless I (again) win free ticket for that one also...I wont watch it...

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Brice hat gesagt…

Totally agree with that, liked the third one the most, too. The 4th was also watchable. In general the series always had his good moments and milla jovovich made a good looking action performance overall. The action scenes were ok in all movies, but the story was always bad. Espcecially in the last two or three movies, i´m pretty sure they only had ideas for the action scenes and just build a stupid story to include this action. You never know if it´s real, a dream, a clone or what else, therefore you don´t care about anything, cause Anderson don´t care about it, too. Everytime i thougt, oh that was nice, no it should get better, it turns to worse. This is so sad if you knew the games and what it could be.

I don´t understand that theses movies are ok for Capcom. Maybe Anderson or Constantin owns some crazy rights, otherwise i´m pretty sure someone would have done already a reboot.