Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017

(Gast-)Review, Trailer "Logan" von Dragonrage

This review may contain spoilers.

Very often movies get awesome trailers, and people go nuts after they see them, expecting equally awesome movies! But then they end up being disappointed, because movies turn out to be a huge pile of crap. For example, that happened with SUCKER PUNCH and PROMETHEUS, and some other movies. They just didn't live up to the hype and they didn't deliver what their trailers promised.
Well...LOGAN, the third and last Wolverine movie, also had awesome trailers! First trailer with Johnny Cash's song "Hurt" kicked some serious ass! People went crazy about it! Crazy! And the second trailer was even better! Now, I was hyped and excited about this movie as anybody else! I really was! And I really, really hoped that it will live up to the hype. But knowing the history of Wolverine movies, and their reception among critics and audience, I was afraid that LOGAN could possibly share the same fate as ORIGINS and THE WOLVERINE.
Thankfully, that didn't happened! And not only that, but LOGAN turned out to be a huge box office and critically acclaimed hit! And also became one of the best X-MEN and one of the best super-hero movies ever. Plus, it was a R-rated movie, which is a big deal!! So you cant imagine how happy I was when all those positive reviews start coming in! Critics loved it, audience loved it...I loved it! Fuck, everybody loved it (well, except my friend Boris hehe).

Anyway, I loved the (western) tone and the look of the movie, it was very gritty and grim, almost post-apocalypse looking. And fuck, it was brutal, raw and violent as hell! Just the way I love it. I also loved Jackman's fantastic performance, and his older, fucked up and grizzled look, it suited him well. And almost the same goes for Patrick Stewart and his performance. But I wasn't impressed much with young Dafne Keen as many others. She was OK, and she handled here own really well, but again, it was nothing special IMO.
Also, I was surprised with the simplicity of the story. Its not that I expected a complex plot with bunch of twists and turns, and the story was extremely character driven, but plot was indeed very simple and straightforward, and was very similar to some other previous X-Men movies. You know, people hunt mutants, they want to control them, mutant kids escape and are on the run, and Wolverine helps them out. We saw that in X2 and THE LAST STAND, and probably some others X-Men movies. Its not something that bothered me, but still, I did expect something different I guess...
Oh yeah, another thing I loved about LOGAN was evil Wolverine clone! I didn't expect him, so that was a hell of a surprise! And man, when he showed up, and two of them started slashing and stabbing each others, I went nuts! Maybe Im wrongs since Im not that much familiar with the original comic book source, but IMO there is no better enemy for Wolverine then himself!

So the end I will say only this. LOGAN was fantastic movie, and I loved it. But I have to admit that my favorite X-Men movie is still X2. But LOGAN definitely comes on the close second place...

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