Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2020

"Legacy Of Lies" Trailer

Und der nächste Scott Adkins Actionfilm. Er bleibt fleißig. 

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Dragonrage hat gesagt…

Hey Shane

Sorry to bother you here...I send you message on Facebook couple of days ago, but you didn't see it, so I decided to contact you here because I didn't find any other way t contact you more privately. The reason Im contacting you is that Im worried about our mutual friend Harry. I send him couple of emails in the last two weeks, and there is no response from him. I know he had a "medical problems" around Christmas, but the last time we talked trough email, over a month ago, he said that he was OK...eating healthy, training and stuff (because wife made him do it).
But since he doesn't answer my emails, Im afraid that something happened to him, so I wonder if you know he OK? Do you know anything?

Thank you