Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

News/Gerüchte, Bilder "Angel has fallen"

Bild: Universum.
Text: Nu Image/Millennium + The Film Catalogue.
Who protects the protector? US Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) has spent his career keeping American presidents safe. This time, he's the target. If his attackers can take down half of Washington, D.C. with it, all the better. Among those at risk: President Allen Trumbull (Morgan Freeman). Behind it all: a ruthless Russian oligarch who's looking to avenge the death of her son. She'll stop at nothing: a home invasion to take out Banning, Leah and their three-year-old daughter Lynne a murderous chase through the streets of D.C. a bomb blast that incinerates Jekyll Island, the President's summer retreat a run for the President's emergency doomsday bunker, Raven Rock Mountain Complex and ultimately blowing Air Force One (code name: "Angel") out of the sky, a first in American history.
There's only one way this will end. If Banning wants to live in peace, he's got no choice but to break all the rules and invade Russia.

Yeah baby, DAS nennt man Realismus. Der letzte Satz ist ein eindeutiger Beweis dafür!!!!

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