Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

(Gast-)Review, Trailer "Kong: Skull island" by Dragonrage

From the moment I saw that awesome Superbowl trailer, KONG: SKULL ISLAND had become one of my most anticipated blockbusters of 2017.! So quite naturally, I had high hopes for this version of King Kong!
And speaking about versions...two of my favorite King Kong movies are original KING KONG from 1933., and 1986. KING KONG LIVES! Yeah, exactly...a sequel to that 1976. KING KONG remake, a movie that most people kind of hates and calls crappy! But not me...I love KING KONG LIVES because that movie had everything I ever wanted from a King Kong movie...a huge angry ape fighting soldiers and hunters who want him dead, smashing helicopters and tanks, and blowing shit up! Sure, its a guy in a rubber suit, smashing toys and shit, but for me that is still a lots of fun. And personally, I could care less about Jackson's 2005. KING KONG and his monkey that has hots for the blonde and takes here to ice skating...

But anyway, lets get back to SKULL ISLAND. OK, one of the (main) reasons why I got excited about this movie was the whole 70's/Vietnam war setting, and the fact that Kong, once again, is smashing helicopters and fighting huge monsters, without the whole "love story" bullshit.
Long story short, I liked this movie! I didn't loved it as I hoped I will, but I did liked it, a lot, and this officially became my second favorite King Kong movie, right between 1933. original and KING KONG LIVES.
Based only on the scenes with King Kong, and John C. Reilly, I would gave this movie 4 stars...maybe even 5! But unfortunately, two of them are not the only ones in this movie. I loved the first half an hour...the whole 70's/Vietnam war setting and build up was awesome! So was the soundtrack. And then there was that fantastic sequence with helicopters and pissed off Kong, one of the highlights of this movie! And John C. Reilly really killed it here! He and his character were probably the best of the whole bunch
But unfortunately, all that doesn't change the fact that Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson were both painfully miscast and totally bland in this movie. While Samuel L. Jackson after a while became annoying as fuck with his "I-will-make-King-Kong-my-bitch-with-nothing-but-small-rifles-and-guns" talk. I just waited for the moment when Kong will finally squash him like a bug! The rest of the cast was OK, but again, mostly underused (khm khm John Goodman for example)...

Still, despite all that, I had a lots of fun with this, and its possible that I will like it even slightly more on the second watch. I mean, movie sure did deliver the goods...a lost of monster on monster fights and destruction. Plus, it was entertaining, it looked fantastic, with very stylish and slick cinematography, CGI was top notch and Kong was a bad ass! Anyway, Im looking forward to the sequel, or that GODZILLA vs KING KONG mashup...

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